Canvasser Etiquette


Canvassers should meet with their assigned donors and prospects to personally thank them for their past gift, invite them to make a new or increased gift, answer any questions and reinforce the value of their contribution.


  • Talk about your workplace campaign. Topics could include: past achievement, your 2010 goal, campaign events, etc.
  • Talk about information that is of interest to the donor. Conversations can include information such as: how their gift made a difference last year; share examples of what their gift this year will provide; explain the tax benefits of giving; ask if the donor or prospect has any questions about the campaign.
  • Ask for a contribution. Each and every gift, no matter the size, is important.
  • Give the potential donor complete control and freedom to answer.
  • If the answer is a definite "no", then the prospective donor should be thanked and the pledge card collected.
  • If the answer is "maybe", be sure to leave with a follow up appointment scheduled.
  • Follow up with all assigned colleagues until each pledge form is returned.
  • Thank everyone for their time, including those who do not give.


  • I'm here today to ask you to join me in supporting our community through the United Way Campaign.
  • Please consider partnering with the United Way to address our community's most pressing needs.
  • Thank you for giving in the past. Will you give again and increase your gift this year to help the United Way meet our community's growing needs? I'm inviting you to join people like me, and others to meet the needs of our community.
  • Your participation is very important to this campaign. We need your help in seeing an example for other colleagues to follow.
  • Will you support the campaign this year?
  • I know our community can count on your continued support this year. Will you make an increased gift over last year?


Given that the economy is slowly recovering and program costs are rising, how can I help?
Did you know that if you donate $4 per pay through payroll deduction that you will provide four hours of counseling to a victim of sexual abuse? By donating $5 per pay you could provide resource materials for two educational workshops for children who need them. $4 per pay will provide new school supplies to four children so they can start the school year on a positive note. Even if you cannot afford a lot, every little bit helps.

I work hard to take care of my family. Why should I support the campaign?
Taking care of people close to us is everyone's priority, but a donation to the campaign will build a healthier, safer community in which to live, work and raise your family. Some programs deal with youth violence and work to reduce homelessness; other programs help people with credit problems.

I prefer to support charities that have helped someone I know.
Last year, donations through the campaign funded many programs and organizations – large and small – which offer essential services to our communities. The advantage of giving to the United Way is that you'll be supporting a wide range of social, health and community needs that effect everyone. Every day, donors' dollars are helping people. Chances are that a friend or neighbor has benefited from a donation to the United Way, or other community charities.

"The United Way funding helps our members to; be less shy, make new friends, and become more active. It is important for Islanders to continue supporting the United Way as it allows organizations such as ours to help kids realize their full potential."

- Christina, Boys & Girls Club of Charlottetown


Behind every changed life is someone like you who made it happen. All donations to the United Way of PEI stay on PEI to help Islanders.


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Donor Privacy Policy

The United Way of PEI is committed to protecting the privacy of our donors, volunteers, employees and other stakeholders. We value your trust, and we recognize that maintaining this trust requires us to be transparent and accountable in safeguarding the confidentiality of the personal information that you choose to share with us.

The United Way of PEI embraces the principles of the Personal Information Protection Act to ensure that all personal information is properly collected, used only for the purposes for which it is collected, and is disposed of in a safe and timely manner when no longer...

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